4th day - Lighting and Camera

This morning I had the chance to be the director of photography on set and lit a scene as I pleased.

 A lighting set up - not mine, actually. There weren't any photos of mine, it was probably too bold and controversial.

I didn't have the faintest idea of what I was doing but apparently this job has much to do with intuition and good aesthetic notion and not that much with theory.

There are some basic rules, but after that there's a lot of freedom and it's up to the DOP in close collaboration with the director to decide what kind of look they are aiming for.

 Intelectual osmosis.

Apparently, in Mr. Vidgeon's opinion, I did ok.

Throughout the day, which was all spent doing camera and lighting tests both indoors and outdoors, I also had the opportunity to be a zoom operator and a focus puller as every job on set was being rotated by the students.

 Three jobs for one camera: operator, zoom operator and focus puller

This was a very practical day intended to make us feel familiar with all the equipment and with set discipline so that we're more confortable and efficient in the day of the shoot.

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