5th day - Sound, continuity and script reviewing

This morning we had a lecture on sound with Simon Gill.

 Simon Gill sleeping during his own lecture (just kidding Simon, it was great!)

It was very interesting for me because once again this is a subject in which I'm completely ignorant and I definitely learned some things.

It really made me see how important sound can be as a part of storytelling.

Sound quality is a fundamental component of professional filmmaking and yet it’s amazing how easily it can be overlooked by the rest of the production team.

Simon also gave us some notions about film continuity and the methodologies used on set to guarantee that it is preserved.

On the afternoon we had a review session of our scripts with Paul Kite who helped us to trim the rough edges on our screenwriting. I also discussed the script with Catarina Saraiva, the actress I’m going to direct on Tuesday.

 Personalized script discussion at the make-up room.

This was really important because until now I’ve been writing and directing my own material and thus I don’t get an idea of how clearly my ideas are passed through the script. There are things that seem obvious to me because I’m conceiving it all in my head but that are not that well conveyed through the text, and I’m rarely aware of this.

Other thing that I’ve come to notice is that my ideas appear to degenerate in the development process. They seem great in my head, not so great on the paper, and even less great on screen. Also, I always try to be a subtle storyteller but as a consequence what I’m trying to communicate is often misunderstood.

I still don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it’s clear that I have much to learn about writing and directing – I say this because I’m really convinced that the problem is not with the ideas, I’m confident that they have a good potential. I just keep spoiling them more and more on their way to the screen.

And it's the end of the first week! So far - really good!

See you monday!


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